Monday, 22 October 2012

The Delhi Photo Company

One of Shri Nathji’s Photographers, The Delhi Photo Company at Janpath, Connaught Place, in New Delhi has shut shop about two year back. It used to be an old landmark of CP. What used to be Delhi Photo Company was now a restaurant specializing in Mediterranean cuisine. Fresc Co opened on September 22 2010. Its complete address is 78, C P, Janpath, Delhi - 110001.
The photographs of Shri Nathji and HH Priya Nathji was taken in this studio in 1981. It was the first Indian-owned shop in Janpath when it opened in 1937. It specialized in portrait photography. Its founder dies 27 years later; the son, the Germany-returned photography graduate, takes over; then grandson, Mr. Shankar took over. He continued the legacy till 2010. Infact it was the last of the old photography studios to shut shop in CP. Many like the Rangoon Studio in Janpath and Shimla Studio in the Regal building, had shut shop long back . Now with the changing times, everyone with a digicam is a wannabe photographer. Photo prints can be taken with color printers at home itself and with automatic digital cameras, anyone can become an instant photographer. So there is no demand for professional photographers these days.
In old times, Delhi Photo Company clicked portraits of Maharajas and Nawabs. It was the first official photographer of the President of India, as well as of Tribhuwan Shah, the King of Nepal. .Alas, times change and today people prefer passport size pictures than 16″*20″ portraits. The Delhi Photo Company was doing that till 2010 in adaptation to the changing times and in its struggle to survive, it even stated selling t-shirts printed with tacky pictures and tackier slogans. It also sold Yoga DVDs and classical music albums. It shut shop when it was difficult for it to substantially sustain itself. These are photos below, we can see the new restaurant. As we see the name of the Studio is still written is small letters in the corner, perhaps to give it a heritage effect and a feel of Nostalgia. Also one photo of the old board of the company when it closed down, before it was converted into a restaurant. Also photo of the old letter box of the Studio which used to be there.

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