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Shadi Bhavan

In the above photos of 1945, Shri Nathji can be seen sitting on a chair and standing in front of His residence at Shadi Bhavan. After staying at Dilaram Estate and Band House on Camel’s Back Road, during 1943- 1944, Shri Nathji came to live at Shadi Bhavan for about two years, 1945-1947. It was here that he wrote his divine revelation, “Atma Vijay”. Here Shyam Lal Kasera appeared on the scene and became Shri Nathji's pen. In the two photos bellow, Shri Nathji can be seen, dictating his book, Atma Vijaya, Part Four, to Gopal Kasera at Shadi Bhavan, Mussoorie, 1945. The divine book, Atma Vijay, ran into four parts, totalling 1000 pages. Most of the book was dictated by Shri Nathji to Shyam Lal Kasera at Shadi Bhavan during 1945. These portraits were taken by Mateshwari, at whose behest the book Atma Vijay was dictated by Shri Nathji, as a great spiritual legacy to the world.

  Shri Nathji also sent the children to Hampton Court School from here in May 1945. It was on June 23rd at his birthday celebrations that people witnessed the miraculous stopping of rain. Sardar Basant Singh, Gopal Kasera and Shyam Lal served Shri Nathji during this period. It was here that Shri Nathji met the Mahatma from Uttar Kashi and Barrister Naseem in 1945. The Camel’s Back Road was blessed by his footsteps many a time when he walked upon it. He finally left Shadi Bhavan at the start of June 1947 and shifted to Kahkashan Cottage on Spring Road below Savoy Hotel.
Mahatma Sita Ram Saran came to see Shri Nathji frequently  at Shadi Bhavan at Mussoorie. Shri Nathji lived in the portion of Shadi Bhavan known as Flat No. 3. The house was situated on a small hillock on Camel's Back Road.
 In the above photo we can see, Shri Nathji’s Birthday Celebrations at Shadi Bhavan, Camel’s Back Road, Mussoorie, on June 23, 1945
 HH Pran Nathji can be seen standing in front of Shri Nathji's residence at Shadi Bhavan. The spaciaous lawn in the front can be noticed.  
The place was isolated from the rest of Mussoorie. Close by, was the Christian cemetery. It was mourned that during the solitary winter nights, wild animals, leopards and bears from the jungles, passed by the house. In the cold winter evenings there was the sound of jackals howling in the hills and valleys. Bellow is the photograph of the Cristain Cemetry.

Shadi Bhavan was spacious but generally cold and inhospitable. It had a small glazed verandah with grey windows. Indeed the entire complexion of the house was grey in colour as that was the paint used by the owner for the woodwork, lending a somewhat bleak look to the house. There was a small, open lawn in front of the house overlooking the ledge on which the house was poised. In the photo bellow we can see that some old cottages have been retained inside Shadi Bhavan in there original form,  with those gloomy gray colored doors and windows. Mateswariji and her brother Manojji can be seen in the photograph which was taken in 2001.

The property of Shadi Bhavan was owned by Shri Sri Ram Anugrah Narain Sinha, Who was devoted to Shri Nathji. His son Shri D.N. Sinha remained devoted to Shri Nathji all his life. In 1970 Shri D.N. Sinha sold the Shadi Bhavan and the adjoining Shyam Bhavan, (which had been rented by Shri Nathji's devotee Justice Girish Prasad Mathur)  to a religious organization.  The most buildings inside Shadi Bhavan have changed completely from the original. But the area is still thickly wooded (as can be seen in the current photographs) as it used to be during the days Shri Nathji resided here.  Below are the latest photos of the Shadi Bhavan.

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