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Hon'ble Mr. Girish Prasad Mathur

While Shri Nathji was convalescing from the arm operation in Mussoorie at Dilaram Estate, He had two visitors–Justice Girish Prasad Mathur of the Allahabad High Court, and Shri Kalka Prasad, Director of Public Health in U. P. They had heard of Shri Nathji’s Divine Powers at Allahabad and had come to Mussoorie especially for his darshan and blessings.
Justice Girish Prasad Mathur said, “I have come to ask an important question– is the state of God-Realisation a kind of hallucination?”
Shri Nathji gave a very beautiful answer:
"When a person sleeps and dreams–is the dream real or unreal? For as long as the sleep persists, the dream is real. No one can call a dream unreal while he is experiencing it. It is a world in itself. It is only when the man wakes up that he calls his dream unreal. “But, suppose a man were to go to sleep and never wake up. Suppose he were to go on dreaming forever–would that dream not become a reality for him?
“Similarly, those who experience God realisation or God-consciousness never come out of that world; their eyes never open to this outer world; for them that state is very real. It is not a hallucination!”
And as Shri Nathji continued speaking, tears began rolling down the cheeks of Justice Girish Prasad Mathur.
""Justice Mathur," Shri Nathji said, "is this state real or unreal? Would you call these tears a hallucination, too?” It was a unique state, and it was very real. "If a little bit of God-realisation can appear so real," said Shri Nathji, "you can imagine the state of those who merge into it completely and never return!”
Shri Nathji continued: "These tears in your eyes. There is a word for them in Urdu, ‘Aansoo’! “In Persian 'Aan' means ‘that’ and 'Een' means ‘this’. “The tears that flow for the sake of God are ‘Aansoo’, and those that flow for the sake of the world are ‘Eensoo’.
“Jo Khudaa ke liye nikalte hain vo to Aansoo, baaki jo duniyaan ke liye nikalte
hain, vo sab ‘Eensoo”
"We are surprised at your forbearance, Maharaj," said Justice Girish Prasad Mathur to Shri Nathji, "you have been speaking to us for over an hour now, and there must have been severe pain in your arm."
"When I am in my divine consciousness," Shri Nathji replied, "there is no such thing as illness." Justice Girish Prasad thereafter acquired such great devotion for Shri Nathji that he would come for his darshan every time that Shri Nathji was at Mussoorie in the years that followed.

Hon'ble Mr. Girish Prasad Mathur was a famous Judge of the Allahabad High Court from 1942 to 1947. He used to reside in Allahabad and used to stay in Mussoorie for his summer vacations, when the courts were closed. He used to rent Shyam Bhavan every year for his stay at Mussoorie. This building is located near Shadi Bhavan, on Camals Back Road.
When Shri Nathjji Shifted to Shadi Bhavan, he was extremely pleased that Shri Nathji had become his neighbour. Justice Girish Prasad Mathur would look down at Shadi Bhavan from his house Shyam Bhavan above, and would spot Shri Nathji standing outside the house or sitting in the sunshine outside, and he would immediately call out from above:
"Dil ke aayine men hai tasveere yaar

Jab chaahaa dekhaa yoon gardan jhukaali

The portrait of my Beloved is within my
I do bend my head a little, and see it
whenever I wish"
He would frequently say to Shri Nathji:
"If we can but grasp even a little bit of what you tell us then we shall have accomplished a great deal in life!"
Prior to being the Judge at the Allahabad High Court,  he was Sessions Judge of Muttra (Old British name for Mathura). He gave judgements in many famous cases like the -  Goverdhan vs Emperor on 25 July, 1935
His son is Shri Avadhesh Prasad Mathur, who was Aviation Manager at Indian Oil. His grandson is working at Ankleshwar, Gujrat, whose wife  is from the family of famous Mathur Radios, located near Sahu Cinema, Hazratganj  at Lucknow. The present generations of Hon'ble Mr. Girish Prasad Mathur, reside in the city of Vadodra in Gujarat.  


  1. how do you know about this incident? and how are you related to the family mentioned in the last paragraph?

    1. Poonamji. This incident is mentioned in the book God Incarnate which is the biography of His Holiness. Bhola Nathji. If you wish to read the book you can mail me at

    2. Poonamji. This incident is mentioned in the book God Incarnate which is the biography of His Holiness. Bhola Nathji. If you wish to read the book you can mail me at