Saturday, 13 October 2012

Dilaram Estate

Above is the Photo of Shri Nathji at Dilaram Estate, Mussoorie 1943. Pran Nath is seen standing close to Shri Nathji. Priya Nath is sitting on the ground on deerskin
On the left, is a beautiful portrait of Shri Nathji , taken at Dilaram Estate, at the time when He was suffering acute pain in His arm.
Shri Nathji had long association with Dilaram Estate. It was a place that belonged to a famed barrister of Lucknow, a certain Chaudhary Hyder Husein, who had great regard for Shri Nathji. The words Dilaram Palace can still be seen on the main building of Dilaram Estate. When Shri Nathji was staying at Dilaram Estate, in 1936, Babaji Maharaj was also there. Rehana also used to come daily for the Satsang that time. Shri Nathji met Paul Brunton also at Dilaram Estate in 1936.
Shri Nathji also met Justice Nanavati, Hon'ble Mr. Girish Prasad Mathur and Shakuntala Mehra at Dilaram Estate in 1943. 

Shri Nathji stayed at first in the lower East Side of Dilaram Estate and then shifted to the lower West Side in July 1943. It was there, at Dilaram Estate, Mussoorie, that Shri Nathji's arm began to gradually and miraculously heal itself, even though he was in unbearable pain at that time.
Above are two photos of what probably is the Band House. Shri Nathji stayed at Band House in 1944. It was located in the annexe of Dilaram Estate. Jagdish and Sahadeva were with him as was the loyal Basant Singh who was ever by his side.
Above is the main gate entrance to Dilaram Estate. We can see the name of the place Dilaram Estate and name of its owner Chaudri Hyder Hussain of Lucknow engraved on two marble slabs on both sides of the entrance. 

Above is the open lobby of the main building - Dilaram Palace at Dilaram Estate

 In the above photograph taken in 2001, HH Priya Nathji can be seen standing in the same lobby, recalling the days of the past.

Dilaram Estate is a massive property with many buildings and small settlements. It is presently in a depleted state with many owners, old tenets and encroachers.  Small one room settlements like the one above have sprung up along the private roads of the estate.


  1. Thank you for 'still' remembering DILARAM ESTATE and bringing back memories of this huge property that still stands tall facing the three coloured himalayas. the said property(one of the largest on any hill station)boasts of its rich and royal past.
    I still remember how it would be done up when Barrister saheb( Ch. Hydar Hussain of Lucknow)would visit his Palace with his family and british friends. The Royal visiters would make the entire camel's back road turn into a busy street with officers making arrangments for the guests of Barrister saheb. I would be 10 or 12, living on a hill top (still living at the same place at 87) and would get to see all that happened in this Palatial Estate. My grand father would take me to the estate to meet Barrister saheb. I sadly agree that the proprerty has been negleted in the past but ab happy too as it is being redecorated and facelift work has been done in the recent past.
    The fourth generation owners (Nawab saheb of Baheliya and mishrik) live in Lucknow and are taking good care of this property once again. I hope and wish "DILARAM ESTATE" reclaims it's beauty and sheen.
    Raja Dharampal Uniyal.

  2. Dear Raja Dharamal Uriyal
    Thank you for your interest in our article and taking the time to post a comment. You inputs are very valuable to us. You have brought to us the visions of the splendid old charm of this place. You can also read an interesting article about Ch. Hyder Hussain in our blog at -
    Please let me know how you like it and what more additions we can make. Also I have one request. We do not have a photograph of Ch. Hyder Hussain. Since you reside in the same estate and know the decedents of the Hussain Saheb, you can provide us with a photo. Also there may be a photo of him in the collection of old photos of your Grandfather. Also please let me know the name of your Grandfather. Perhaps he had an association with Shri Nathji. In that case I will let you know.
    I eagely await your kind reply
    Siddharth Gaur