Friday, 19 October 2012

Estate owned by Istafa Khan in Mussoorie

These are the photographs of, one of the properties which was owned by Istafa Khan.  It is now called the Kaushik Estate and is on the Library end of the Camal’s Back Road. When Istafa Khan first met Shri Nathji, he was staying in a small rented flat above Majestic theatre, which is now called the Vasu theatre, at the Mall. After meeting Shri Nathji, his wealth grew many folds. His perfumery business in Lucknow flourished like never before, and he began purchasing many building in Mussoorie. He become a famous land lord of Mussoorie and besides his residence, Kahakasha, he owned many properties in Mussoorie. After partition Istafa Khan moved to Pakistan.

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