Thursday, 25 October 2012

Harkness Mansion

This is the most recent photograph of the Harkness Mansion at Watch Hill where Shri Nathji stayed for few days during his tour to America. Watch hill in the state of Rhode Island has traditionally been the play ground of American Rich and famous. It also has the famous Ocean House Hotel which is considered one of the finest in America. This hotel is located very close to the Harkness Mansion. This Grand House is beautifully located by the sea and has its own private beach. The entire Watch Hill area is beautiful and luxurious with beautiful mentions and hotels.

Dr. and Mrs. Kean had invited Shri Nathji and Priya Nath to their holiday home on Watch Hill, Rhode Island, Connecticut. Shri Nathji went to Rhode Island along with Priya Nath.
It was a building of tall and assuming proportions. It had a hundred rooms in it, and there was a map in each of the hundred rooms, lest a visitor get lost, and also a telephone for communication in every room. Amongst the guests were the artists of a famous ballet troupe, a Count and Countess from Europe, and other important personages.
Two grand pianos were in the large sitting room. One of the walls overlooking the ocean was made of glass. As Shri Nathji stood on the edge of the cliff on which the mansion was situated, and stared out across the vast stretch of the waters of the ocean, the verse echoed in his mind:
Tere seene men to pinhaan baihare be paayaan rahe
Aur too katre ke peeche shaaki aur naalaan rahe
A sea of voluminous billows is pent up in thy soul
And yet thou criest on the shore for a drop of water
At Dr. Kean's house, Mrs. Kean who later came to be known as Mrs. Rebecca Harkness, received Shri Nathji with great respect and honor. At the dinner table she served Shri Nathji with her own hands, though there were servants attending to the guests. Shri Nathji was given a place at the head of the table as the guest of honor. He was greatly pleased with the lady's humility and gave her his blessings. An Article on Dr. Kean and Rebbeca Kean has already been published in the blog which can be viewed by clicking here.  
The Harkness Mansion used to be an iconic building in the fifties. I was able to get a photo of a very rare postcard which shows the Harkness Mansion by the sea. As can be seen from the aerial photographs this Mansion is beautifully located near the shore line. I have superimposed the map of the Watch Hill area, in one satellite photo so that its exact location can be ascertained.
The photograph on top is an actual Photo of the house taken from the street.

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