Monday, 15 October 2012

Doon Studio in Mussoorie.

InMusoorie, Doon Studio made portraits of Shri Nathji. This studio is more than 67 years old. It is still running and is located at Vasu Theatre, Building, at the Mall. The Vasu Theatre was earlier called the Majestic Theatre. Earlier Doon Studio was located in the front side of the Vasu Cinema. Some time back the owner sold the front shop to a Tibetan trader and relocates his shop on the right ride entrance of Vasu Theatre. A portrait of Shri Nathji and Mahamateshwari was kept alongside the portrait of Bollywood actor Prem Nath and his actress wife, Bina. It is managed by Mr. M.M.  Sharma. (Whose photograph is given) He said that His father Late Mr. J .P. Sharma use to run the Studio before him. He used to make Shri Nathji’s  portraits. Their family was devoted to Shri Nathji. Mr. M.M. Sharma has kept a portrait of Shri Nathji in his shop to constantly seek Shri Nathji’s blessings. A photograph of the same portrait is shown on the top of the article. When we interviewed him he spoke about the radiant personality of Shri Nathji and His great love for all. He recalled one of the birthdays of Shri Nathji which was celebrated at Vasu Theatre, which was attended by more than 300 guests and dignitaries from different parts of India. He spoke about Shri Nathji’s humility, and narrated how he used to stop the rickshaw on to road to give His love and Blessings to him. Following is the video recording of that interview in Hindi. This recording was done by Shri Nathji’s devotee, Miss Nisha Khosla on 10.10.2012

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