Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Hampton Court School

Above is a photo of Shri Nathji standing in Hampton Court School field. Shri Nathji sent Pran Nath and Priya Nath to Hampton Court in the years 1945-1951 and punctiliously went for their admissions every year. He also attended all school functions. 

These are the current photographs of Hampton Court School . Shri Nathji and Mateshwari put HH Pran Nathji and HH Priya Nathji in Hampton Court School, in July 1945,  which was a Catholic Convent School just below the Mall Road where it joined Jhoola Ghar. HH Pran Nath was a little over five years of age at the time, and HH Priya Nath less than four years old. The Mother Superior of Hampton Court, a certain Mother St. Clare, developed a great respect for Shri Nathji and began to revere him as a very holy personality. The children were admitted to the Lower Kindergarten class, or Lower K.G. as it was called. Below is the old photograph of the western part of the school, as taken in 1945. As we can see The school building still looks the same as it looked then.


In the photo below we can see HH Pran Nath and HH Priya Nath in Lower Kindergarten at Hampton Court School, Mussoorie, 1945. HH Pran Nath is shown at the extreme right and HH Priya Nath is shown with his hand on his face.

  In the photo below  HH Priya Nath with school teacher, HH Pran Nath is in the background.

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