Sunday, 14 October 2012

Standard Building on the Mall

These are the Photos of Hotel Garhwal Terrace, which lies on the Mall Road, directly bellow, Savitri Nivas. This was the location of the Standard Hotel where Shri Nathji gave His sermons. It was here that a Muslim commissioner's wife said to Shri Nathji at the end of Shri Nathji's sermon at " Sir, your Grace never goes out towards us women. You never cast a glance in our direction while speaking." Shri Nathji said -  “ mera doosra roop aayega”  - My other form will come, referring to Mahamateshwariji. The Standard Skating Ring was also located here. They played loud film music from 8 am till 10 pm thus creating a loud din and noise for several years -- with which Shri Nathji put up without complaining.  His children could hardly study in this loud noise and many times had to wait till late in the night before they could study. This spoiled their health also. HH Shri Pran Nathji was particularly very annoyed with the sound and had also complained about it to the management of the Skating ring. They had to put up with this noise till 1957 when they left for Allahabad University.
Shri Roop Kishore, a renowned artist of Mussoorie also relocated his Art Gallery at the Standard Building, after the earlier one got burned down, which was located at Roxy building in Kulri Bazaar. His new Art Gallery was located beneath the Standard Skating Rink .
Roop Kishore had also made a second portrait of Shri Nathji which he cut out into a wooden figure on wood.  This he kept at his new Art Gallery. The Standard Skating Rink burnt down in 1968. By the time the fire brigade arrived it was reduced to ashes and rubble.  People used to say that wherever Roop Kishore goes a fire follows him!. But a great miracle took place. The painting of HH Shri Nathji was found beneath the rubble -- untouched by a single spark of fire. And Roop Kishore brought it and gave it to Shri Nathji saying it was his miracle.
But Shri Nathji added in his humility:
"How could the fire have touched my painting when your good wishes were with me!"
The painting now exists in the Gurgaon house of Priya Nathji. This painting is shown in the photo bellow. 

The Standard Building also housed the offices of the Property Dealer, Sanon and Co.. This was the same property dealer which showed St. Andrews to Shri Nathji which He purchased and named it Savitri Nivas.
Now in place of Standard Building is the Hotel Garhwal Terrace, which is operated by a government enterprise, named GMVN (Garwal Mandal Vikas Nigam) This place is famous among travelers as the best value for money place to stay in Mussoorie, as it offers a great location, amazing views and large sized rooms. 

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