Thursday, 25 October 2012

15 Lowell St Cambridge, MA

These are actual photographs of 15, Lowell Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts. which was the residence of Shri Nathji in Cambridge, USA. After one month of Shri Nathji's arrival in America, Priya Nath and Shri Nathji left the house of Anne Forbes and shifted here. 
Shri Nathji and HH Priya Nathji were staying on the First floor of this house. Looking from the road, from the front of the house, their bedroom was the room to the left, whose windows are shown, and the kitchen was on the right. Miss church the land lady lived on the ground floor. Some other tenants lived on the first floor. Even after so many years, this house still looks exactly the same as it did during the time Shri Nathji resided there. This apartment at 15, Lowell Street consisted of a large room, which had been partitioned by a curtain into a bedroom and a sitting room. The adjoining kitchen and bathroom were large and comfortable. Shri Nathji enjoyed soaking himself in the hot water of the bath-tub for long periods of time and would ever afterwards recall the material comforts of the small flat which HH Priya Nath had rented for his sake. This was the same house, where the Negro who was working here, had a Vision, in which Shri Nathji came to him and said " Johnny I have come to say Goodbye." on the night prior to their departure from the house.  
The apartment was owned by an old lady, a certain Miss Church, a Christian Scientist by faith. Shri Nathji’s spiritual light was on at the time he entered the new house. Miss Church was drawn towards him, and brought flowers to his room every morning. She had some searching questions in her mind, but even before she could ask Shri Nathji, he began speaking to her, all by himself. He chose the subject of Death. Miss Church was startled. She found Shri Nathji answering all the questions she had in her mind. Later, she was to say to Shri Nathji: "Your teachings make you sound just like a Christian Scientist!" To each, Shri Nathji was his own.
The exact postal address of this house is -
15 Lowell St Cambridge, MA 02138, USA
To honor the privacy of the present occupants of the house there identity has not been intruded and revealed by me in this article.
Actual Photographs of the house are taken from the street. Close up aerial photos and Small scale satellite photos are also taken from different angles. Also I have superimposed the map of Cambridge, in one satellite photo so that its exact location can be ascertained. The house is marked as A in some photos, for the purpose of identification. 

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