Sunday, 2 December 2012

khaki woolen leg wraps

khaki woolen leg wraps were used by Shri Nathji. He used these woolen wraps around calves. He had a large piece of khaki woolen cloth, which was four inches in width and about one yard long, which he wrapped around his calves, saying that the men in the Army always wore such socks because they improved the circulation.
When these woolen wraps were eaten by worms Shri Nathji could not find a replacement for them, as they dated back to the British era when the British sepoys wore such woolen wraps around the calves of their legs. Albeit the original khaki woolen leg wraps remained with Shri Nathji for many years.
khaki woollen leg wraps were standard in many armies of the world in the twentieth century. It was part of the standard uniform of all armies in the first and the Second World War. After the second world war they were not used by the defense forces as different kind of battle uniforms were introduced. And also because of the fact that it was a little time consuming to put on wrap these around the calves. On the top is a photograph of a khaki woolen leg wraps from the first world war. Also in the battlefield, these khaki woolen leg wraps were put above the large military gum shoes, as seen in the picture. Now no company in the world manufactures these khaki woolen leg wraps. It is only traded among collectors, passionate about military relics.

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