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Hindi Movie - Ek Thi Ladki [1949]

In January 1985, HH Priya Nath takes time off in the night to make Shri Nathji watch an old Hindi film on television, one he had seen with Shri Nathji, Mahamateshwari, HH Pran Nath and Sahadev in Dehra Dun years ago when he was a child. The film was “Ek thhee Larkee” and every one had enjoyed it.
Sahadev had often recollected those days of Priya Nath’s childhood at Mussoorie, when he would be seen running around, singing the popular song of the film, “Laare Lappaa, Laare Lappaa, Laayi rakhdaa” much to the amusement of Shri Nathji and Mahamateshwari.  This song can be viewed in the video clip below -

Shri Nathji enjoys the film “Ek thhee larki”, as indeed he enjoys any story or cinematic depiction of true love and sacrifice. Shri Nathji points out interesting scenes in the film, which depict pathos. He sees something divine in love stories the world over, and the victory of good over evil, which they depict.
Ek Thi Ladki was a 1949 Hindi movie by director Roop K. Shorey. This was the movie which had the famous Punjabi song "'Laara Lappa Laara Lappa Layi Rakhda" by Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammad Rafi.
This song was a great sensational hit. This is an Iconic song of Indian Hindi films. In-spite of being as old as about 60 years,it is still very popular. This is shot on Meena Shorey. She looked so charming in this song, that it gave her a permanent identity as the Lara Lappa Girl. This tune is based on a Pahadi-Punjabi tune of Kangra District, in Himanchal Pradesh. The movie starred Meena Shorey (as Meena) and Motilal (as Ranjeet). Other notable actors were Bharat Bhushan, I.S. Johar (This was his first movie), Agha, Shakuntala, and Kuldeep.

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