Sunday, 2 December 2012

D.K. Publishers in Daryaganj

In the month of December 1982, HH Priya Nathji felt that Shri Nathji's printed works are sinking into oblivion, Priya Nath feels. Prophet Muhammad and the Rays of Light have not yet been printed, and 2000 books of the Advent of the avatar lie at Nagpur. Shri Nathji and HH Priya Nath visit D.K. Publishers in Daryaganj for the distribution of Shri Nathji’s book, “The Secret of Death”–where the distributors lament that people have lost their reading habits ever since the advent of television in the country, and that books have a bleak future in the country, especially spiritual books!
DK Publications is located at 4834/24, Ansari RD, Darya Ganj, Delhi. This Publication House was started by Shri Khazan Chand Mittal . Though in the business relating to petroleum products and wholesale trading of food grains, the late Shri Khazan Chand Mittal cherished a love for books and longed to develop a business in this line. Coming from a respectable Hindu family of Agarwals from Haryana, Shri Khazan Chand Mittal had settled down in Delhi. D.K.Enterprises was established in 1968, with a small capital, for exporting books and journals published in India. This Publishing House continues to grow in the business of Book Publication. It is now called D.K.Publishers Distributors(P) Ltd. The logo of the company is given here. 

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