Thursday, 20 December 2012

Clarks Hotel and Pooran Chand and Sons, Mussoorie

Shri Nathji was a frequent visitor an Trevelin and Clarks departmental store. This store was later Purchased by the family of Pooran Chand and Sons. Pooran Chand and sons also had a shop on the Mall road near the Regal Cinema, which has now closed down. (There is an old photograph of Mussoorie, which shows the exterior of the old shop of Pooran Chand and sons. It is displayed in cafeteria of the Himalaya Club Heritage Hotel. That photo is shown here.

Here is the audio recording of the interview which was taken by Siddharth Gaur and Deepa Das of Mrs. Tripta Aggarwal. (whose photo can be seen above) She is the daughter in law of late Shri Pooran Chand, who was devoted to Shri Nath. She is the present owner of the Clarks Hotel in Mussoorie and in this Interview she speaks about Shri Nathji who used to visit her establishment. She still had cherished memories of Shri Nathji, which she shared in the interview. She also tells the history of Trevelin and Clarks store and how it has now become the Clarks Hotel. This building has been maintained in its original pristine condition. It has beautiful relics of the past, which can be enjoyed with an air of nostalgia.
The family of Pooran Chand & Sons, were one of the oldest traders who came with the British troops as when Mussorie was settled as an cantonment town. They were originally from Meerut. Shri Pooran Chand, who was the founder of the Pooran Chand and Sons establishment  had great faith in Shri Nathji, and would say to him:
“Ham ne aapkaa haath pakar raakhaa hai!
We have caught hold of your hand! “

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