Friday, 14 December 2012

Dr. Roma Taylor

Dr. Roma Taylor is a good friend of HH Priya Nathji from America. She had painstakingly sent HH Priya Nathji medical literature during the days of Shri Nathji's hospitalization and given frequent medical advice through letters, expressing deep concern for Shri Nathji. Shri Nathji was ever conscious of his duty to Priya Nath's friends. Shri Nathji suggested sending her a birthday present on her birthday on the 13th of September 1983. A saree was purchased for her. Shri Nathji examined the saree carefully and liked it. Permission was required from a bank in order to send the saree to America. And so Shri Nathji, HH Priya Nath and Urhekar went to the Grindlays Bank at Connaught Place to fill the required forms of valuation. 
Dr, Roma continued her long relationship with HH Priya Nathji and even visit him recently in November 2012 and stayed at his residence, Savitri Nivas in Mussoorie. When she came to meet Priya Nath in November 2012 at Mussoorie she told him that she had retained that saree which was sent to her as a present by HH Shri Nathji. That it was her desire that when she left the world she would do so wearing that saree. Her faith in HH Shri Nathji soared after her visit to Mussoorie and she knelt and prayed before his Holy Ashes at Mussoorie, and felt the vibrations of his Love. She was convinced it was Shri Nathji who had brought her all the way to India to meet Priya Nath. Thereafter she began calling Priya Nath - who she had called "Priya" earlier, -- as 'Priya Nathji" with reverence.
Here is a photograph of Dr. Roma Tailor with HH Priya Nathji in Mussorie (Also in the photo is Mrs. Patricia Keelan, HH Priya Nathji’s  former teacher at Vincent Hill School, Mussoorie.) In the other photo Dr. Roma can be seen at her daughter’s wedding in 2011.  
Dr. Roma Taylor from the town of Tupelo, Mississippi, passed her high school in 1963 from the Tupelo High School. In1966, she went to Harvard Summer School for a Course in Physics which was a pre-requisite for admission to the Medical School.
It was there that she met Priya Nath Mehta who was teaching Physics along with Dr. Albert V. Baez. She remained ever grateful to Priya Nath afterwards for the training he gave in Physics which served her in good stead in the years to come. She would always look upon Priya Nath as her mentor.

She persued medicine and joined the University of Mississippi Medical Center, at Jackson, Mississippi. She completed her medical postgraduate degree in 1971 and her M.D. from the University of Mississippi School of Medicine, she served as a District Health Office under the Mississippi State Board of Health from 1972 to 1978. Dr. Taylor subsequently worked in Emergency Medicine for 18 years, during which she taught and directed advanced cardiac life support courses in the state, served on the State Emergency Cardiac Care Committee for the American Heart Association, and acted as interim director for the northeast Mississippi EMS district. She founded and directed Med Serve, a family and occupational medicine clinic in Tupelo, and was a clinical instructor in Family Medicine for the University of Mississippi Medical School from 1993 to 2000. Now she works for Mississippi State Department of Health. She has a varied background in administration, clinical practice, public and private health, and medical mission experience. She stays at 532 South Church Street Tupelo, MS 38804 United States.

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