Friday, 16 November 2012

The Charles River

The Charles River in US, was spatially blessed by Shri Nathji’s Divine presence. Many a times, Shri Nathji would go out for a walk by the Charles River, along Memorial Drive in Cambridge. He would stand by the side of the waters viewing the ripples and the waves, and the verse would echo in his mind.
Har juz men mujhe kul kaa tamaashaa nazar aayaa
Katraa leeye paihlu men dariyaa nazar aayaa
In every part I saw the drama of the Whole, By the side of every drop, I saw the moving river unfold.
Those were the times when, day after day would pass by without Shri Nathji seeing any visitors or meeting anyone. Charles River is the only river which Shri Nathji observed silently for long hours. He was alone in His thoughts. There were no People with Him to talk, no crowds to follow him. He was enjoying his own Godly self.
The Charles River is 129 km long river that flows in an overall northeasterly direction in eastern Massachusetts. The Charles River is fed by about 80 streams and several major aquifers as it flows starting at Echo Lake in Hopkinton, through 22 cities and towns in eastern Massachusetts before emptying into Boston Harbor.
Brandeis University, Harvard University, Boston University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are all located along the Charles River. Near its mouth, it forms the border between downtown Boston and Cambridge and Charlestown.
Captain John Smith explored and mapped the coast of New England, naming many features, originally naming the Charles River the Massachusetts River, which was derived from the tribe living in the region. When Smith presented his map to King Charles of England, he said he will change some of the "barbarous names" for "English" ones. The king made many such changes, but only four survive today, one of which is the Charles River which King Charles named for himself.

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