Friday, 2 November 2012

149, Fellows Road, London

These are actual photographs of 149, Fellows Road, in London, where Shri Nathji and Mahamateshwariji had stayed for a short time. It was a small apartment. Soon after Shri Nathji had left for London HH Priya Nath followed Him there. His mind had been very heavy after Shri Nathji's departure from the United States.  He still had three weeks of the summer vacation left, and he wished to spend it with Shri  Nathji and Mateshwari. Thus HH Priya Nathji also stayed here, as did HH Pran Nathji. The apartment at 149, Fellows Road was dark and gloomy. It was owned by a Sikh who seldom took, much care of it, and Mahamateshwari had to share the kitchen with his wife.
As we can see it the pictures, the old row houses was pulled down and now some row house in the lane have been pulled down and made into a modern apartment row housing complex. I have given the photo of an original row house which stands next to the modern house. This gives us an idea of the structure of the original house where Shri Nathji had stayed.
To honor the privacy of the present occupants of the house their identity has not been intruded and revealed by me in this article. Actual Photographs of the house are taken from the street. Close up aerial photos and Small scale satellite photos are also taken from different angles. Also I have superimposed the map of London, in one satellite photo so that its exact location can be ascertained. The house is marked as A in some photos, for the 
purpose of identification

These are the photos of the Fellows Road on which this house is located.

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