Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Sant Gulab Singh

This is the Photograph of Sant Gulab Singh from Chandigarh, who met Shri Nathji at the AIIMS Hospital.

Shri Nathji was approached by Ajit Sing, who had heard about Shri Nathji from Rehana.  Ajit Singh was with his guru, a famous saint, Sant Gulab Singh from Chandigarh, who was reputed to be 106 years old.  Ajit Singh brought his Guru inside Shri Nathji’s room. All at once Sant Gulab Singh bent down and touched Shri Nathji’s feet and knees, even as Shri Nathji was lying in bed.
The Sant said to Shri Nathji:
“Just before I left Chandigarh, an astrologer gave me in writing that I shall be meeting a very Great Soul, Mahaan Aatmaa – Mahaapurush – before the 26th of October. And today is the 25th of October, and I have met you. Give me your blessings!”
The 106 year old Sant was destined to catch a glimpse of God in human form. And it was perhaps for this genuine soul that Shri Nathji had to come to the Hospital.
Shri Nathji quoted his famous Persian verse:
Raihmate Haq bahaa na mi joyad
Raihmate Haq bahaanaa mi joyad
The Grace of God does not demand a price, The Grace of God seeks an excuse to come.
In this case, Shri Nathji had sought an excuse to be ill, in order to come to the hospital to bless this saint.
The saint’s soul had been thirsty since ages for the darshan of Shri Nathji and this was the way in which the meeting had been destined by Shri Nathji to come about.
Shri Nathji continued:
“Naa main beemaar parrtaa naa yahaan aataa aur naa aap yahaan par mujhe mil paate!
“Had I not fallen ill I would not have come here nor would you have been able to meet me!”
Sant Gulab Singh and Ajit Singh then narrated how they had been planning to take Gulab Singh’s son for a brain operation to Madras, but that some power had stopped them at Delhi and they had come to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences instead. Sant Gulab Singh’s son was in a coma-like state, and the Sant wanted Shri Nathji to bless him.
Shri Nathji quoted a verse in Urdu:
“Mujhpar lagzishe paa kaa bahut aihsaan hai
Varnaa haath aanaa bahut dushvaar thhaa baazooye dost
“I am beholden to thee, O slipping of the feet, Or else my friend would never have come to hold my hand”
Here was a devotee thankful to God for the troubles that came upon him, because these troubles brought him near to God.
The illness of Sant Gulab Singh’s son brought the Sant to God in the form of Shri Nathji.
Sant Gulab Singh, Ajit Singh, and a number of devotees of the Sant enter Shri Nathji’s room, and Shri Nathji is soon lost in his divine intoxication, which takes everyone to another world where nothing exists except Divine Bliss.
It was to give His blessings to all these persons that Shri Nathji had come to the Hospital. The Sant prays to Shri Nathji to come to his son’s room and give him His blessings.
Soon, thereafter, there is Shri Vasudeva, the Superintendent Engineer at the Institute, who had brought Shri Nathji to the Hospital in his car. His wife is also with him. Shri Nathji begins speaking to them all over again, telling them of the story of Rehana.
Shri Nathji appears to be indefatigable. All at once he is possessed by a new energy. His voice is loud and powerful as always. No one could have guessed that he was just recovering from a grave and serious operation.
Shri Nathji blessed Sant Gulab Singh's son before he left the hospital. Shri Nathji walks over to the room where Sant Gulab Singh’s son is lying.
“Bless him,” says Sant Gulab Singh, and Shri Nathji raises his hands in the air and sends the waves of his spiritual vibrations towards his son, who is in a fairly comatose state and awaiting an operation the next day.
It was for that man that Shri Nathji had delayed his departure from the hospital. The man had been miraculously detained in his room on that day because his doctor had gone on leave.
Shri Nathji says: “My blessings are always with you.”
And quotes from the Sikh writings:
“Sarv rog kaa aukad naam!
“The name of God is the cure for all ills!”
In later days, Sant Gulab Singh’s son, whom Shri Nathji had blessed in the hospital, had a successful operation and returned to his home in Chandigarh. 

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  1. Sant Gulab singh is my grandfather I am so lucky to be his grand daughter