Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Luxor Dot Pens

Initially Shri Nathji began writing ghazals with ink pens that carried blue ink, all his later ghazals were written with thick, black quill or “dot pens” made by a certain ‘Luxor’ company. Priya Nath had suggested these thick nibbed quill pens because he had wanted to make blocks of Shri Nathji's handwriting, for printing purposes, which would come out best in such thick, black letters.
In later years, a certain Neelam Chopra who was a drawing teacher in a school, would bring these black dot pens for Shri Nathji. It was a great miracle that whenever Shri Nathji had used all the pens, Neelam Chopra would appear on that very day with new ones, without being called.
Shri Nathji used about ten such pens every month, many of which were preserved by HH Priya Nath. These pens were made sacrosanct by the Divine Touch of God Himself. These days such pens are popularly known as sketch pens. Many such pens which were used by Shri Nathji, were preserved by HH Priya Nathji. This is the photograph of one such pen which was used by Shri Nathji.
Dot pens of Luxor brand become very popular in India.  Luxor Group of Companies, headed by Mr. D K Jain, President of the Company, started manufacturing writing Instruments in india in the year 1963. Today LUXOR is the brand leader in Indian Writing Instuments.
What started as a small venture in the crowded lanes of Old Delhi, has evolved into India’s No. 1 manufacturer & exporter of writing instruments – operating 10 state-of-the-art facilities in NCR-Delhi & Mumbai and producing more than one million pens a day. Today, Luxor products enjoy unrivalled patronage not only in India but in more than 75 countries across the world.

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