Friday, 9 November 2012

Daurala sugar cubes

Shri Nathji  liked Daurala sugar cubes, which came in a set of 120 cubes (500 gms) wrapped in paper and packed in a mono carton. Shri Nathji was always fond of sugar cubes and liked their cubical shapes, and occasionally even sucked a cube or two, apart from using it in his tea or coffee.
Daurala sugar cubes  are manufactured by Daurala Sugar Works. It is owned by the DCM Shriram Industries Group. Daurala Sugar Works was established in the pre independence era in the year 1932 at Daurala , a small unknown village near Meerut on New Delhi - Dehradon highway. (Same route which Sri Nathji had used extensively in His travels between Mussoorie and Delhi). Today , after more than eight decades Daurala sugar cubes continues to popular and is a familiar name not only in India but the world over.

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