Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Boat Club, Nainital

Shri Nathji visited the boat club in Naini Tal at the invitation of Shri Krishna Dutta. The Boat Club was a place where the elite of thecity and the businessmen from the plains mingled together in an atmosphere surcharged with wine and song, cards and smoke. At the Boat Club in Naini Tal–in an atmosphere that was purely materialistic–  Shri Nathji sat with Shri Krishna Dutta andgave him his inner light. Shri Nathji’s spiritual waves spread out towards all who entered the club. His blessings were for everyone.
One consequence of Shri Nathji’s visit to the Club was that, for the first time in its history, religious readings from the Ramayana were organised in it, in the days
that followed! 

The Boat House Club Nainital is the Second Oldest Club in the whole country was established in 1890 as the Nainital Club located right on the northern edge of the lake. To house the Governor’s boats, there was another exclusive building. Still exclusive, its membership was open to Indians-but only from the top layers of society. The ‘games of chance’, where the Britisher, in those days risked the fortuned he had made in the country, are still kept up and wealthy Indians flock, in large numbers, to this Monte Carlo, or adds a vicarious thrill to the innate pleasures of the Lake. It is one of the prominent places that can be visited. Tourists who have visited Nainital talk high of this club.  The original yatch club was shut down in 1947. The Nainital Club, which was the parent body took the decision to sell all the yatchs and close the club. This led a few sailing enthusiasts to rally round and use their own savings to buy the yatchs and transfer the the club lease to the Boat House Club. Still it is maintained in its pristine elegance. On the Malli Tal, end of the lake, it is for members and their guests, to enjoy the pleasures of yachting. A highly recommended club/restaurant right on the lake and a  old heritage property. The only 'little' problem is that it is for members only. They do grant 'temporary' membership for a day also, for a small fee, and it is very much worth it if one happens to be spending the day at Nainital. You make up the membership fee in eating at the club - very good and cheap, almost subsidised food. If you have a member friend then entry is much easier as guests.

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