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Dr. Sudarshan Rai Nagpaul

Dr. Sudarshan Nagpaul, who was a mathematician at Harvard, and a close friend of Priya Nath, had visited Shri Nathji several times at Lowell Street, in the U. S. He would listen to Shri Nathji's words with rapt attention for hours. When Shri Nathji had returned to London, from America Dr. Nagpaul had visited him and Mateshwari .He was on his way back to India via Paris. Mateshwari had said to him: "Son, accompany me to India." And Dr. Nagpaul had replied: "If that be your wish I shall cancel my visit to Paris and go with you!" Mateshwari never left London, but Dr. Nagpaul's reply become etched in Shri Nathji's heart. He would narrate the incident before his devotees many times as an example of surrendering one's wishes before the wishes of God. Shri Nathji would appear to be always waiting for Dr. Nagpaul and frequently ask about him and even talk to him on the telephone for long periods.
It was a strange coincidence that whenever Shri Nathji thought of Dr. Nagpaul, the latter would either phone or write or come himself. This was a very special relationship which went beyond the human sphere.
Once Shri Nathji said to Dr. Nagpaul in later years:
“There are very few good souls like yourself in the world. I have taken all your worries on myself. I am always with you wherever you may be.”
Whenever Dr.Nagpaul would come before Shri Nathji he would sit in absolute silence and not utter a single word, even as Shri Nathji poured out his life’s energy into him and filled his soul with a divine bliss, which was to remain with Dr.Nagpaul forever.
Shri Nagpaul could not understand Shri Nathji's great love for him and always wondered why Shri Nathji showered so much of his Grace and Blessings upon him.
In later days, there was even a time when Dr. Nagpaul did not come for many months. When one day Dr. Nagpaul telephoned to say that he wished to come for Shri Nathji’s darshan, Shri Nathji was so overjoyed that he immediately wrote a ghazal to welcome him:
“Baade muddat aaj phir aaye hamaare Nagpaul”
“After a long time, my Nagpaul has come again!”
Dr.Nagpaul was one of the fortunate persons in the world on whom Shri Nathji wrote a song of Love! Shri Nathji's love for Dr.Nagpaul was in fact the love of the Universal Soul for the individual soul of man. Shri Nathji's ways were mysterious and unfathomable. In March 1991 he had a second heart attack and was very seriously ill, and doctors had given little hope for a recovery.
Shri Nathji yearned to see Dr.Nagpaul, who was afraid to visit Shri Nathji lest Shri Nathji exert himself too much while talking to him.
Shri Nathji said to Priya Nath:
“Tell Nagpaulji, that I will become well when he comes!”
And true to his word, Shri Nathji bounced back into good health when Dr.Nagpaul visited him.
When Priya Nath praised Dr.Nagpaul for his relationship with Shri Nathji and his love and devotion and prayers, Dr.Nagpaul said:
“No, it was His Divine Grace!”
On one particular occasion, Shri Nathji was awake at 3 a.m. and dictated a letter to Dr.Nagpaul. The letter always remained as a very special one–the only letter that Shri Nathji had ever written to anyone in the early hours of the morning.
It was a miracle that Dr. Nagpaul arrived at Shri Nathji’s house on that very day even before the letter had been posted to him.
Dr. Sudarshan Rai  Nagpaul after doing his masters in Mathematics stated teaching at St. Stephens College,  New Delhi, in 1954. Later he went to U.S.A and did his Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1967. His Dissertation was Asymptotic Solution of Reynolds Equation for Highly Eccentric Finite Journal Bearings. His Advisor was Garrett Birkhoff. On his return to India he continued teaching at St. Stephens College, Delhi. He later becomes the Head of Dept. of Mathematics at the St. Stephens College. He was a very sort after and popular teacher of Algebra. Dr. S.R. Nagpaul co – authored a popular book with P. B. Bhattacharya, and S. K. Jain. It was “First Course in Linear Algebra.” This book was published in 1983.

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