Thursday, 23 August 2012

President V.V. Giri

The last President of India that Shri Nathji met in the 1970's was V.V.Giri. The meeting was brief. Shri Nathji entered the room, and Shri Giri greeted him with folded hands. "What can I do for you?" Shri Giri asked Shri Nathji. "I have brought this letter for you," said Shri Nathji, handing an envelope to the President. Shri Giri opened the envelope, imagining perhaps that it was either a grievance or a petition espousing some cause. As he read the letter, his face brightened up, and, raising the letter to his forehead, he said to Shri Nathji: "I am very grateful for your blessings. It was very kind of you to have come all the way here to deliver them."
Priya Nath was with Shri Nathji at the time, and the President, after some preliminary introduction, said to Priya Nath: "You could have earned lakhs if you had remained in
America – why did you quit your job and return to India?" "I am not interested in money," Priya Nath said, "I returned to India to be with my father." Shri Giri was greatly impressed by the answer, and said to Priya Nath: "Feel free to visit me any time you like!" And Priya Nath replied that he would not wish to encroach upon the President's time. Thereafter Shri Nathji left his blessings with the President for the prosperity of the nation, and returned home to his residence at Sarvodya Enclave, in New Delhi.
Varahagiri Venkata Giri (10 August 1894 – 23 June 1980), commonly known as V. V. Giri, was the fourth President of the Republic of India from 24 August 1969 to 23 August 1974. He was also Acting President of India from 3 May 1969 to 20 July 1969, before becoming actual president. He was born to Varahagiri Venkata Jogaiah, residing in Berhampur in Orrisa. He became minister of labour and industries in 1937 for the Congress Party government formed by C. Rajagopalachari in the Madras Presidency.  After India gained independence, he was first appointed high commissioner to Ceylon and then successfully ran for parliament in 1952. He was elected for 1st Lok Sabha from Pathapatnam Lok Sabha Constituency[3] and served as minister of labour until resigning in 1954. He served successfully as governor of Uttar Pradesh (1956–1960), Kerala (1960–1965) and Mysore (1965–1967). He was elected as the third Vice President of India in 1967. Giri became acting president of India in 1969 upon the death in office of Zakir Hussain.  He received India's highest civilian decoration, the Bharat Ratna, in 1975.

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