Thursday, 23 August 2012

Hindi film, “Pakeeza”

When Shri Nathji was in Nanital in 1972, the sounds of music could be heard everywhere in Naini Tal as the loudspeakers blared out the theme song from the Hindi film, “Pakeeza”, which had become popular all over India. Shri Nathji always said that the glory of God pervaded every piece of art and music in the world and that man could take lesson even from the words of a child. The very fact that a particular song or a tune could affect the hearts of millions of people showed that it had the element of the divine in it. As the notes of the film song pervaded the atmosphere, the lyrics of the song came across to Shri Nathji through the loudspeakers on the Mall:
“Mujhe koyi mil gayaa thhaa sare raah chalte chalet
I met someone, strolling along the way”
[Please click on the link to listen to this song Chalte Chalte Yunhi Koi Mil Gaya Tha - Lata Mangeshkar - ]
Shri Nathji turned to Sahadeva, who was walking by his side on the Mall, and said to him: “Sahadevaji! Did you hear the words of the song! That is how God met you! Just strolling along the way! He did not ask you for any penances or austerities, tapasyaa, or for worship, pooja or paath. He met you of His own accord in the journey of life as you were proceeding along your way, without asking for anything in return!”
 There were also the touching scenes when Shri Nathji and Priya Nath would stand in the balcony of the Hotel and listen to a street singer with a harmonium strapped around his shoulders who sang especially for them:
“Mausam hai aashikaanaa”– “The air is filled with Love”,
[Please click on the link to listen to this song Mausam hai Ashiqana by Lata Mageshkar - ]
which was another song from the film Pakeeza, and which Shri Nathji and Priya 1192 Nath immensely enjoyed. It was as if the air, the “mausam”, was filled with Love with the coming of Shri Nathji to Naini Tal. As a measure of Shri Nathji’s divine benedictions and his appreciation, the songs of the film “Pakeeza” became one of the best known in the country, and the film itself a tremendous success.
The film Pakeeza was realeased in late 197I. Its Singer: Lata Mangeshkar; Music Director:Naushad; Lyrics:Kaif Bhopali; Producer:Kamal Amrohi; Director:Kamal Amrohi; Actors:Ashok Kumar,Meena Kumari,Raj Kumar,Sapru and Veena
The film was a thundering success at the Box Office and it’s songs are famous even today.

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