Wednesday, 15 August 2012

By the Charles River

In 1964 when Shri Nathji’s was in America there came a time when it appeared as if Shri Nathji’s work in America has come to an end. But infect He was waiting for someone. Day after day would pass by without his seeing any visitors or meeting anyone. Many a times he would go out for a walk by the Charles River, along Memorial Drive in Cambridge. He would stand by the side of the waters viewing the ripples and the waves, and the verse would echo in his mind.
Har juz men mujhe kul kaa tamaashaa nazar aayaa
Katraa leeye paihlu men dariyaa nazar aayaa
In every part I saw the drama of the Whole, By the side of every drop, I saw the moving river unfold.
Memorial Drive runs along the north bank of the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Memorial Drive, like the other parkways along the Charles River Esplanade, is maintained by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. There a photograph of an old postcard of Memorial Drive. And a recent photo which shows pedestal walk ways along the Charles river, the kind of Place where Shri Nathji would have looked at the river in solitude. This photo is a copyright of photographer Kalim Saliba, taken from

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