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Photos of Shila Ramani

Sheela Ramani, whose full name was Sheela Kewalrami was a graceful Bollywood actress. She was daughter of F.M. Kewalramani. The Kewalramanis met Shri Nathji when they come to Mussoorie during the month of May 1952 searching for a place to stay. Then Mateshwari offered them a cottage at nominal rent. Shri Nathji blessed there daughter Sheila Ramani who latter become a very famous actress. Shri Nathji always considered Sheila Ramani to be a very beautiful girl and the world considered her to be as such in the coming years. The Kewalramis developed deep faith in Nathji as Antaryaami. This eventful meeting of Sheela Ramani and her family with Shri Nathji is mentioned in the Mahagranth - God Incarnate on page 847 – 848 were we can read his story in detail.
The most interesting fact is that the same year that Sheila Ramani met Shree Nathji and got His blessings, she acted in her debut film Badnam in 1952. Sheila Ramani was one of the most attractive women of Indian Cinema in the early fifties. Those who saw her in the 1954 film Taxi Driver, found her much more attractive than the heroine of the film, Kalpna Kartik. She was the star in India's first Sindhi film Abana (1960) Well actually she was one of the few Indian actresses to work for Pakistani films after 1947. Her last film was Maa Beta in 1962. She, now Sheila Ramani Cowasji, married a Parsi, Jall Cowasji. She lived with him in Mumbai, New York, Colombo and Australia. She remained elusive for many years and she made a lot of efforts to keep her family away from the film industry. She was born on 2-3-1932 and the most amazing fact is that she is still alive. She lives in her husbands ancestral house in Mhow (MP)
I have given her two photographs. One from the movie, I think Taxi Driver and other from her advertisement for Lux beauty soap.
Those who desires to meet her or know more about her can contact her son Rahul J Cowasji. He is on facebook.

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Priya Nath Mehta -  O Siddharta! You should be named "wonder-man" for the marvelous manner in which you are bringing historical facts to life!! Special Blessings!


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Mr. Kewal Ramani and his wife and daughter had all met HH Shri Nathji at Mussoorie and had become greatly devoted to him. They stayed in the Cottage next to Shri Nathji's residence., The daughter, Sheela Ramani, was a very beautiful girl. In fact she was so beautiful that if ever she stood at the staircase of the Cottage the Rajas and Maharajas who passed by would stop and stare at her!

She was especially blessed by HH Shri Nathji and became a famous movie star in Bombay in the years that followed. Siddharta Gaur has given her pictures below which can compare even with the most beautiful actresses of Hollywood or Bollywood today.

The Ramanis had great faith in HH Shri Nathji. Whenever they were in any difficulty in life they prayed to HH Shri Nathji and their troubles were removed.

There was a time when the Ramanis had welcomed HH Shri Nathji to their home for lunch at New Delhi. Mrs. Kewal Ramani who was an excellent cook prepared five dishes, each more delicious than the other.

After the lunch was over, Mrs. Ramani, who had great faith in HH Shri Nathji, came to him and said:

"Today I have experienced that you are in the hearts of all, and the knower of everything, God Himself!"

"Why? What happened especially?" Shri Nathji asked innocently.

Mrs. Ramani said:

"I prepared five dishes for lunch. When I was in the kitchen preparing four of the dishes, my mind was at peace but when I was making the fifth dish, certain doubts entered my mind about your divinity because you had not heard one of my prayers!"

"Much to my great surprise, you ate all the dishes but you did not touch the fifth dish! As if you knew it had been made with an impure mind!"

Mr. and Mrs. Kewal Ramani retained this faith in HH Shri Nathji all their lives. He was the only God they ever knew.

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