Friday, 13 September 2013

Theosophical Society at Patel Nagar.

These are the photographs of Theosophical Society and Hall in East Patel Nagar, New Delhi.

Shri Nathji had given one public discourse at the Theosophical Society at New Delhi at the invitation of Dr. Kapoor Singh, who was then the President of the Theosophical Society. 

Justice B.P. Sinha who had great respect for HH Shri Nathji since many years introduced him as a "great saint" as their guest of honor. At the start of the lecture Dr. Kapoor Singh said:"Keep a hold on your hearts as HH Shri Nathji speaks - or else something may happen to them!!"Dr. Kapoor Singh would call HH Shri Nathji the greatest speaker in the world and would say:

"I wish I could carry you on my shoulders and let the whole world listen to your words."

Later he took HH Shri Nathji's book "The First Rays of Dawn" containing 365 Thoughts for peace of mind, to the USA, and gave copies of the book to many people there.

He would say about HH Shri Nathji:

"Mere Mehboob ki soorat Khudaa se milti julti hai,
Ibaadat ki ibaadat hai aur muhabbat ki muhabbat hai".

"The face of My Beloved resembles that of God,
Here there is worship as well as Love".

At the time in the Theosophical Society, a Sikh theosophist had got up and said:
"I had  listened to HH Shri Nathji when he was a young man in Lahore. All the hairs in my beard are now white and I am listening to HH Shri Nathji again. And I must say that his voice carries the same thunder and divine power as I had felt at Lahore, even greater!"

 Dr. Kapoor Singh was an eminent physician as well as theologian who become greatly devoted to Shri Nathji. When Shri Nathji was briefly staying in a rented accommodation in West Patel Nagar, Dr. Kapoor Singh used to meet Him regularly as he used to stay in the same neighborhood.  

His first meeting with HH Shri Nathji was very dramatic. Shri Nathji was going for an evening walk in the colony. Dr. Kapoor Singh was coming from the opposite direction . They had never met before.

Quite suddenly, Dr. Kapoor Singh rushed up to HH Shri Nathji and embraced him! Later he said there was such a powerful aura of Divine Love around HH Shri Nathji that he felt compelled to come up to him and embrace him, even though he did not know who Shri Nathji was at that time!

We are trying to source a photograph of Dr. Kapoor Singh and some information about him. Will update it in this post.


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