Friday, 13 September 2013

The residence of Lala Hargopal in Delhi.

This is the residence of Lala Hargopal in Delhi. Lala Hargopal Khanna was the Father of Maha Mateshwari. He was the Chief Legal Advisor of Punjab Nation Bank, whose headquarters were in Lahore. Lala Hargopal used to reside in Anarkali area of Lahore. After partition he settled in Delhi and joined his services with Punjab National Bank, which relocated its head office to Delhi. He was provided this house by the government- 4/20 East Patel Nagar at New Delhi, in lieu of his residence in Lahore. This house is also near the Punjab National Bank main office at Rajindra Palace, New Delhi.
The original house of Lala Hargopal was a simple double storeyed house, but after the death of Lala Hargopal, it was sold by his legal heirs and bears the present multi-storeyed shape shown in the picture.

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