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Surya Green

In 1986 Two foreigners, Surya Green and Omuni, from Americans, come for Shri Nathji’s darshan and are greatly touched by Shri Nathji’s personality and words:
“We have got PEACE from you,” they say.
And Shri Nathji speaks to them, even as he embraces the Jewish man by the name of Omuni. As was Shri Nathji’s ‘maryaada’ his etiquette – he always blessed women from a distance. The woman’s name is Surya Green. Both are American Jews even though they have taken on names with an Eastern tinge.
Shri Nathji tells these Jewish folks:
“Jews are the jewels of the garland of God!”
Shri Nathji says to them:
“I am your servant and am living only for your sake. I wish to keep my body, not for my sake, but for your sake!”
The Americans had never met such a PURE BEING in their entire lives and are astonished at the Divine Light of Shri Nathji.
“I AM AN OCEAN!” Shri Nathji says in a moment of inspiration.
‘Yes! Yes! You are! You are!” say the Americans, besides themselves with wonder.
Shri Nathji had once stood by the shore of an ocean years ago and had asked himself:
“Who is bigger – the ocean or I?”
Surya Green, and ‘Omuni’ come again for Shri Nathji’s darshan and to record his voice and sermon. Shri Nathji speaks to them and tells them that what was most important was the desire for God, without which the goal was unattainable.
Shri Nathji says:
“If a glass be filled with water, air cannot come inside it, but throw the water out and air shall come inside of its own accord.”
“The moment man empties himself of his ego, God enters his heart.”
Shri Nathji tells them of the Palace of gold which is hit by an earthquake. The finery of the Palace becomes frightening. Man cannot enjoy a Palace of gold if its foundation is shaking. In a like manner, man cannot enjoy the material prosperity around him unless he has peace within his heart. Shri Nathji reveals the true state of the world, as it existed.
Shri Nathji speaks about the Sun as the giver of light, and says:
“The Sun can only be seen with the light of the Sun! Similarly God can only be realized through His Grace alone!”
And he had given the answer Himself as he said: “I am the greater – for the ocean has shores, but I can see no shores within myself!”
Shri Nathji also says to the Americans:
Surya Green records a wealth of His spoken words in their tape recorder. After visiting Shri Nathji repeatedly for a few days, they left with the words of caution to Priya Nath:
“His health must be taken care of at all costs. He is too precious a person in this world to be ignored in any way. His life is meant for the whole world. He is the only Messiah in this strife torn world!”
 Surya Green, later also telephoned Priya Nath and said to him:
“Tell your Father to turn on his power to Himself – we need Him in this world!”

 Born in Manhattan, Surya holds a B.A. degree in American Studies from New York’s Barnard College of Columbia University (Regent’s Scholar). She earned her M.A. in Communication from California's Stanford University, Department of Communication (National Honors Fellow). She also attended the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in New York. Finishing her M.A. studies, she accepted a temporary writing job at an internationally-renowned animation and documentary film studio in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.
After completing her work stint at Zagreb Film, she stayed on longer in Europe. Eventually, she found her writing home in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Establishing herself as Benelux correspondent for several international travel magazines, she became a member of the Foreign
Press Association of the Netherlands. In the progressively-minded Netherlands, her view of life as a citizen in society underwent further refocusing and expansion of social awareness.
Surya entered the second part of her lifestyle transformation when she attended events held in connection with the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm in Sweden. At the world’s first international conference on the environment, she awakened to the One Earth whole and the ecological-environmental crisis threatening that whole. Returned to Amsterdam, she started to live a socially-responsible, Mother Earth-friendly lifestyle encompassing balance and non-harm, natural and organic, in a pioneering form of what would become the 21st century’s green lifestyle. Then the Government of India, Ministry of Tourism, invited her to India as its guest. Traveling to India on freelance journalistic assignment, little did she know that the land of ancient solar heritage would jumpstart the third part of her total transformation. Having begun her Indian journey as Norma Green, a worldly Western woman, she returned to Amsterdam as a serious seeker of higher wisdom. She renamed herself as “Surya,” Sanskrit for “the Sun, the Source.”
 Without warning, she underwent mystical experiences that were spiritually awakening and dramatically life-transforming. It was during this phase of her life that she met Shri Nathji.
During her travels, Surya met and interviewed foremost spiritual leaders. Her articles on transformational topics, including spiritual growth and natural lifestyle, as well as her interviews with a broad range of social, cultural, and spiritual notables, began to appear internationally.
As a pilgrim with journalistic shoulder bag, Surya gained knowledge of Eastern religions, philosophies, and consciousness-raising systems by wending her way around the globe to sacred sites and power spots, holy celebrations of all kinds, and diverse groups and communities. During a six years’ residence in Asia, she studied the spiritual heritage of the East through practice and experience that included: staying in monasteries with Buddhist monks and nuns in Thailand for four months, meditating in a Buddhist monastery in Myanmar for six and a half months, and practicing various streams of devotion in India for five years. Her training includes association with leading spiritual teachers of both East and West.
In 2000, in Amsterdam, Surya inspired the establishment of the non-profit planetary service foundation Sun Conscious.  Presently Surya divides her writing and residential time between the Netherlands and the USA. On invitation, she gives talks and workshops and guides spiritual gatherings. She has spoken on various aspects of personal transformation, Sun-power, and the spiritual heritage of India to spiritual, religious, and cultural organizations in the Netherlands, UK, India, and the USA.

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