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Jacqueline Snyder

In March 1993, a certain Reverend Jacqueline Snyder and her friend, Sheila Kenny, came to visit Priya Nath along with Shri D.N. Sinha. Shri D.N. Sinha, who had been an old devotee of Shri Nathji since the early 1940’s, had carried Shri Nathji’s Message and Prayer for the Environment to the Earth Summit at Brazil in June 1992 where 170 Heads of State had assembled. Shri Nathji’s prayer had been read out respectfully by a standing assembly and greatly appreciated by all. While at Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Shri D.N. Sinha had met Jacqueline Snyder and had given her a photograph of Shri Nathji.
In the photograph Shri Nathji was wearing a light brown achkan, and a beautifully tied pink silk turban. Though He wore dark glasses, yet His eyes were partially visible. His Face had a Divine Glow.
As Jacqueline Snyder saw the photograph, she was touched to the depths of her soul. She felt the Divine Glow on Shri Nathji’s Face could belong only to Divinity. Shri D.N. Sinha told her:
Jacqueline Snyder became determined to come to India for Shri Nathji’s darshan. Alas, as the fates would have it, she could come to India only in March 1993. Shri Nathji had left the world on September 6, 1992.
When Shri D.N. Sinha told her she had come too late, she was deeply saddened. Shri Sinha brought her and her friend to meet Shri Priya Nath. Jacqueline Snyder, her friend Sheila and D.N. Sinha entered the big room, where Shri Nathji’s Holy Ashes were kept. Priya Nath was not in the room at the time. As D.N. Sinha brought Jacqueline close to the Holy Ashes, suddenly her soul was filled with an overwhelming recognition, a sense of re-union. She bowed down on her knees and began to weep. Her friend Sheila Kenny had a similar feeling of re-union.
Shri Nathji was the Universal Soul. All the souls in the world had a relationship with Him. For the individual soul to come before the Universal soul was to experience a sense of re-union. Truly Jacqueline and her friend had genuine seeking hearts with a purity that made Shri Nathji disclose Himself to them.
It was one of the most powerful of Shri Nathji’s revelations to a total stranger after His leaving earth in His physical form. As Priya Nath came into the big room and met Jacqueline and the others, he recited some of Shri Nathji’s words as translated into English by him:
“The moth come to the Flame and said ‘I have come to Thee.’ And the Flame said:
‘It was not you who came. My light went out to Thee first in which Thou saw me and later Thou wert brought here by my Light!’
“The drop of water came to the ocean and said: ‘You have made me complete! And the ocean replied: ‘You have also made me complete! How can I – the ocean – be complete when even one drop of water is separated from me?’”
As Jacqueline listened to Priya Nath speak, her eyes were still wet with tears, and she said to him:
“When I bowed before your Father’s Sacred Ashes, a number of questions had crossed my mind. I felt this powerful sense of reunion with Him and I wanted to ask Him these questions. And you came into the room bringing the answers! It was as if I had spoken on a telephone to your Father, and you had brought the replies!
“Truly your Father is a Cosmic Soul – one with God. He has not gone – He has merely changed His Form, from the visible to the Invisible. There are powerful vibrations of your Holy Father in this room and in this house. It is as if He is here, right now. “Everything in this room is so familiar – all these portraits. It is as if I had known your Father since a long, long time.
“The moment I saw His photograph in Brazil, I knew who He was and longed to meet Him. “How disappointed I was when D.N. Sinha told me He had left the earth. However, you also carry His vibrations with yourself.
These were the exact words Shri Nathji had said to Priya Nath in the past. It was if He were speaking through Jacqueline Synder.
It was an experience that was to remain with them forever.
Shri Nathji, more than ever, had proved to all that He was present upon earth in His Invisible Form and could make His Presence Felt to all Genuine Seekers after Truth.
Underneath is a letter she wrote to HH Priya Nathji in 1994.

Jacqueline T Snyder is an American spiritual reformist. She is very popular for her spirituals sayings and quotes. She uses the title of  “Eagle Speaks Woman”. She has also written a book - Soul Enchantments, Mystical Stories to Charm Remembrance. Her spiritual sayings come in many books , for example = A Greatful Heart by M.J. Ryan.
She had also established - Shangri-La, an ashram (spiritual retreat) in India to  further her aim of uniting all of the world's people into one voice to change the world into a better place.
She is the Founder and President of a Non profit organization named Sacred Life Association, which is located at Maple Valley, Washington 98038, USA. Sheila Kenny, who had accompanied her on her trip to India and had met HH Priya Nathji, is the Public Relations head of her organization.
Jacqueline T Snyder through her Sacred Life Association, conducted the Visions 2000 Conference which was held at Rainbow Lodge at the foot Mount Si, Washington. The conference brought together contemporary theologians, scientists, indigenous wisdom keepers and various lay peoples to facilitate a bridging of contemporary and indigenous thought, necessary to the actualization of a global change of consciousness towards peace and harmony between the earth and her people.
By her spiritual words and quotes, she inspires and supports many people and causes. She gives spiritual messages for individuals like Tudor Gilmour, who was seriously injured in a moped accident in 1998 and organizations like San Gabriel Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.

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