Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Garg Samhita

Shri Nathji’s devotee from Nangal, Gopal Swami quotes from the Garg Samhita, an ancient religious text purportedly written thousands of years ago, in which it is stated that Lord Krishna would come upon earth in the Kaliyuga and would reside on a mountain, and he would be known as Shri Nathji. His message of Love would be such as to engulf people of all faiths.
Garga Samhita ("The narrations of Garga") is a book written by the sage Garga and deals with the life of Krishna. This Garga Samhita is different from the astrological treatise with the same name Garga Samhita, also written by Garga Rishi. (Only fragments of the astrological text with the name Garga samhita is available) But the whole of the devotional text with the name Garga Samhita mentioned here is available. It is assumed to have been written during later the vedic period (900 - 500 BCE). Research show this samhita belong to Pancharatragama. The several "khanda" or chapters of the book are :
Garga Rishi was the guru and Astrologer of the Yaduvanshi Clan. The clan in which, Shri Krishna and Balarama had  appeared. When Lord Krishna took birth, Vasudeva asked his family priest, Garga Muni, to visit the place of Nanda Maharaja in order to astrologically calculate the future of life of Krsna. Garga Muni was a great saintly sage who had undergone many austerities and penances and been appointed priest of the Yadu dynasty. Garga Rishi recognized Krishna and the Supreme Lord and make His horoscope. He also came to know of all his future incarnations. Thus later when he wrote the Garg Samhita on the orders of Narada Rishi, he also mentioned about the future incarnation of Krishna as Shri Nathji in Kalyuga.  

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