Friday, 1 February 2013

Fruit Salt

Shri Nathji used to take Fruit Salt as medicine for excessive gas buildup and it proved to be an effective medicine for Shri Nathji. Dr. Bawa had suggested that Shri Nathji try using Fruit Salt whenever the gas risings were very severe – and Shri Nathji finds it to be very, very, effective in many agonizing moments, just a quarter teaspoonful suffices every time.
Shri Nathji’s blessings go out spontaneously towards the doctor for the “elixir” he had prescribed. If only someone had advised Fruit Salt right from the start, Shri Nathji would have been spared months and months of agony from the gas.
Other doctors are aghast at Dr. Bawa prescribing Fruit Salt, which they say contains Sodium, which is bad for the heart. However HH Priya Nath reads the Sodium content on the bottle and calculates how much he can give Shri Nathji safely. Sometimes it is just a quarter of a tea spoonful.

The fact that it brings relief to Shri Nathji from the agonizing distress of mental toxicity and restlessness in the body makes it a very valuable medicine for Priya Nath and he uses it whenever Shri Nathji has the gas attacks. And it invariably works. Indeed Shri Nathji was blessing the Eno Fruit Salt Company.
Priya Nath would recall Shri Nathji keeping fruit salt in the house ever since the days of his childhood. Shri Nathji would then tell the boys to drink it while it was still effervescing, and they would rush to finish it before the bubbles stopped.
In Shri Nathji’s case it appeared that the gas in the fruit salt brought almost instant relief. 
Every time that Shri Nathji would take fruit salt he would belch repeatedly, sometimes the eructations would be almost ten or twenty in number, and they would definitely bring great relief, with Shri Nathji saying:

Aankh see khul jaati hai!
“The eyes appear to gain sight!”

Eno is a fast-acting effervescent fruit salt, used as an antacid and reliever of bloatedness. It was invented in the 1850s by James Crossley Eno of Newcastle (1827-1915). The Fruit Salt sold like hotcakes to sailors looking for something to keep them healthy on long journeys. 
The product is still available today – now manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline(GSK), it sells in vast quantities worldwide and is a popular ingredient in Indian cookery. It contains sodium bicarbonate, citric acid and sodium carbonate, but in 1906 the Pharmaceutische Centralhalle für Deutschland analysed it as 50% sodium bicarbonate, 15% sodium bitartrate and 35% free tartaric acid. It has sales of nearly £30 million; its major markets are Spain, India, Brazil, South Africa, Malaysia and Thailand. It is frequently used as a substitute for baking powder.
Eno Tagline: "Gets to work in 6 seconds"

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